The variable lid system

for Euro boxes

makes more of your Euro boxes

Using the OWOMO® system on full size 60 x 40 cm Euro boxes opens a completely new range of potential uses. The OWOMO® lids are equipped with an edge on the bottom to prevent the lids from sliding off the boxes. The interlocking lids form a flat surface.

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“the freedom of not having to

plan everything in advance.”


The van is full of tools, but you also need to bring the easily damaged kitchen to the customer. You can do this with OWOMO®.

Upon arrival at your customer, you take the OWOMO® system with the tools out of the van and even have a stable workbench as well.

Deliver bread rolls and cakes at the same time? It’s easy with OWOMO®, because even most bread baskets are 60 x 40 cm, the standard Euro size.

If the OWOMO® system is need in a different vehicle, it just takes a few minutes to move. Quick, easy, and flexible.

Based on our experience, 10 OWOMOS is a convenient number of lids for your Sprinter, Crafter, Transit, or Bulli, and together they weigh less than 30 kg.

This wide variety of uses saves time and therefore money.


With OWOMO® you save space and your equipment is well organised for transport. Upon reaching your destination, you can set up seating areas, tables, a bar, or the kitchen under the awning using a combination of Euro boxes and OWOMO® lids.

The lids can also help you keep the garage where you store your caravan tidy. It is also possible to set up a 2.05 x 1.25 m sleeping area in a campervan using 10 lids, for example. It’s very easy to do and can be done quickly by one person.

Leisure time

Whether its an evening barbecue on the lake, band practice, or a flea market – everyone can use OWOMO®.

It doesn’t matter if you are taking your dog for a walk outdoors in nature or treating yourself to a shopping spree at the garden centre – with OWOMO® you can put some of your stuff in the box and place the bulky or easily damaged things on the OWOMO® lid on top of the box.


When driving to a game away from home, the team’s equipment is stored in the Euro boxes, and once at the pitch, you have a substitutes' bench and a bar for celebrating right next to it.

First drive the motorcycle or go kart in the van to the circuit, quickly set up a repair bench, and after a hard day, you can turn the repair bench into a sleeping area in the van.

After a diving excursion, the wet equipment can be transported in the Euro boxes, and the bulky bottles on top of the OWOMOS.

High load capacity

Everyone is familiar with the good old wooden building blocks and the rails of wooden train sets. The robust OWOMO® lids are made of exactly the same beech wood with a thickness of 18 mm, which guarantees they will last a very long time.


The OWOMO® system is manufactured in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. You can add to or expand the system at any time. The surface is hard enough that it does not need to be painted. Since it is made of a natural product, scratches are a part of life of the OWOMO®system. This also means every OWOMO®lid writes its own history over the course of time.

Flexible options

There are no limits to where or what you can use the OWOMO® system for. They fit on every full size 60 x 40 cm Euro box. Together they create endless combinations of seating, reclining, transportation, and storage options.

“ ... fits like a glove.”

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